The SUN 4-5 Degree in ♉ TAURUS Meaning in Natal Chart

 The theory that each degree of the zodiac like The SUN 4-5 Degree in TAURUS has a different meaning has been existed for hundreds of years. Given below are the interpretations of each zodiac degree according to 11 different sources. You can compare the interpretations according to different authors, and decide for yourself which interpretations are the most accurate and useful.

According to Sabian Symbol (Sun): 4-5 Degree 

A Widow At An Open Grave

According to Charubel (Sun): 4-5 Degree 

Symbol: A boat on a large lake, it might be a big river; two men are rowing in it.

Denotes a person fond of company and of changes; a speculative bent of mind and fond of adventure.

According to La Volasfera (Sun): 4-5 Degree 

Symbol: A man of benevolent countenance stands near to a  cottage chopping wood. Around him are orchards well filled with fruit. Near to him is a sheep grazing.

It denotes a person of a contented, happy disposition, a friend of Nature and well beloved of her. A man of natural goodwill, whose labor is, its own reward, whose wealth is his own contentment, and whose ambitions are fulfilled with the day. It is a degree of HEART-WEALTH.

According to Matthews (Sun): 4-5 Degree 

Symbol: “TOUCH”

This area of Taurus, Scorpio rules reptiles and the sense of touch. Sometimes denotes things that are done in a secretive way, or the use of a fictitious name. These influences often overlap the adjoining degrees.

According to Carelli (Sun): 4-5 Degree 

Symbol: An ox lying quietly in a field.

The native will worship nature and at the same time be cordially hospitable and open to mental intercourse with his fellow beings. A quiet, unambitious hard worker, satisfied with what he earns, happy to have earned it himself with the sweat of his brow; he has a good aptitude for contemplative life and meditation.

It is not to be ruled out that such a smooth, innerly rich and outwardly even temper may harbor an unsuspected longing for travel and adventure.

According to Kozminsky (Sun): 4-5 Degree 

Symbol: Two young men carrying huge bunches of large grapes on a pole between them, giving freely of the fruit to troops of children.

Denotes one who will gain greatly through his own efforts and perseverance, and who will be blessed. He will bring happiness to, and relieve the burden of, many, accounting it pleasure. Thus will he draw unto himself the good thoughts and prayers of others. It is a symbol of Benefaction.

According to Muir (Sun): 4-5 Degree 

One who gains through his own efforts. A philosopher or student of the occult sciences who inspires and teaches many.

According to Leinbach (Sun): 4-5 Degree 

An overly masculine influence which does not contribute to a happy marriage. Subject to decalcification of the body as well as the things he builds which are too brittle to last. He is too rigid with himself as well as other people. He drives too hard. Too much persistence and not enough patience. Men with this degree prominent seldom marry and women shouldn’t. They do not work well with other people. They are clumsy and awkward both in what they do and what they say. They maintain a strict sense of discipline both with themselves and others. But they lack softening qualities that facilitate a blending give and take. Most of what they send out bounces back on them and they end up a victim of their own destructive action.

According to Weber (Sun): 4-5 Degree 

A thoughtful naturalist pondering the fate of nature and the world - Sagittarius and Taurus together. Hospitable, meditative, relaxed, capable of hard work and accomplishments in challenging tasks. Comfortably at home anywhere in the world, but prefers the countryside. Lavishes in the arts and enjoys its own sort of natural magic. Satisfied and optimistic - always improves existing conditions, unbothered by the troubles that others unwittingly call down upon themselves. Fortunate for romance; wonderful for marriage in most cases.

According to Henson (Sun): 4-5 Degree 

Work needing delicacy and skill, founder of a seat, the seat of law; rules reptiles and sense of touch; things that are done in a secretive way; use of a fictitious name; larynx.

According to Cochrane (Sun): 4-5 Degree 

Highly intelligent; original thoughts and actions. Aptitude for sciences and business. (TAU-1-GEM, AQU-10-PIS)

Some of the interpretations were derived through extensive research, some through intuition, and some through a combination of research and astrological theory. 

The sources of the interpretations are as follows:
  •   The  Three  Hundred  Sixty  Degrees  of  the  Zodiac  by  Adriano  Carelli
  •   Degrees of the Zodiac Symbolized (and La Volasfera) by Charubel
  •   Astrology  for  the  21st  Century  by  David  Cochrane
  •   Degrees of the Zodiac by Donna Walter Henson
  •   Sabian  Symbols  in  Astrology  by  Marc  Edmund  Jones
  •   Zodiacal Symbology and Its Planetary Power by Isidore Kozminsky
  •   Degrees  of  the  Zodiac  by  Esther  Leinbach
  •   Fixed Stars and Degrees of the Zodiac Analyzed by E. C. Matthews
  •   The  Degrees  of  the  Zodiac  Analyzed  by  Ada  Muir
  •   Zodiac Degrees by Peter J. Weber
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