Sun in TAURUS with Partner Sun in SCORPIO Compatibility

Both  are very stubborn, willful, and want to be in control. 
Seem to complement or balance one another nicely, however. Though you may find one another congenial, there are significant differences in your emotional makeup: TAURUS is steadier, simpler, less complex, and less needy than SCORPIO is. 

SCORPIO demands more in terms of commitment and dedication than TAURUS.
In friendship, 
Taurus and Scorpio can be very supportive of each other. They are both loyal and trustworthy, and they can always count on each other for help. They also have a shared interest in the deeper things in life, such as spirituality, psychology, and the occult. 

However, there are also some challenges to a Taurus-Scorpio friendship. Both signs can be possessive and jealous, and they can sometimes clash over their different needs and desires. They also need to be careful not to take each other for granted, as they can both be quite sensitive..

And Here are some of the ways that a Taurus-Scorpio relationship can clash: 

  • Stubbornness: Both Taurus and Scorpio are stubborn signs, which can lead to conflict. They may both be unwilling to compromise, which can make it difficult to resolve disagreements. 
  • Jealousy: Both Taurus and Scorpio are possessive and jealous signs. This can lead to insecurity and mistrust in the relationship. 
  • Intense emotions: Taurus and Scorpio are both emotional signs, but they express their emotions in different ways. Taurus may be more reserved, while Scorpio may be more expressive. This can lead to misunderstandings and hurt feelings. 
  • Passion: The passion between Taurus and Scorpio can be very strong, but it can also be destructive. If they are not careful, they can get caught up in their emotions and make impulsive decisions that they later regret.


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