MOON 28 Degree in ♊ GEMINI Meaning in Natal Chart

  The theory that each degree of the zodiac like  The MOON 28 Degree in ♊GEMINI has a different meaning has been existed for hundreds of years. Given below are the interpretations of each zodiac degree according to 11 different sources. You can compare the interpretations according to different authors, and decide for yourself which interpretations are the most accurate and useful.

According to Sabian Symbol (Moon): 

MOON 28 Degree in  ♊ GEMINI: 

The First Mockingbird Of Spring

According to Charubel (Moon):

Symbol: A man flogging a boy with a horse whip.

A cruel person, a despot, one who may obtain some post of authority, where he will disgrace himself by exceeding his duties.

According to La Volasfera (Moon):

Symbol: A gloomy sky filled with scudding clouds. A flight of black birds are struggling against the wind.

It denotes a person of pessimistic nature; one who will abandon his many projects for want of hope and perseverance. The mind is filled with an endless succession of thoughts and schemes, but always in the black mantle of doubt and misgiving. The nature is weak and easily thrown off the track; prolix, versatile, but lacking, as such natures mostly are, in continuity. This individual will have many dreams and yet none will be fulfilled. Hence he will have no confidence, either in himself or his designs. It is a degree of DOUBT and CHANGE.

According to Matthews (Moon):

Symbol: “DIFFERENT” (See Sagittarius 28-29 degree.)

Has many good ideas and makes a success by doing things in a different way. Very active, often ‘carrying on’ while his companions are asleep. Impulsive, but positive.

According to Carelli (Moon):

A rather pessimistic degree inducing skepticism and mistrust, apart from which its influence is a typically divalent one.

Helped by other astral aspects, it will confer kindheartedness coupled with ability to command; an imaginative, manifold mind; the makings for occupying a high position and for nobly exerting the attending authority; skill in hunting and sportsmanship.

On the contrary, where other aspects are mainly negative, these features will shift into opposite polarities or will stray into corresponding vices. Kindness will become affected courtesy, prestige will be disfigured into autocracy, love of hunting into cruelty or even sadism; there will be misuse of power closely followed by ruin and misery. Likewise, imaginative power will sidle into fruitless daydreaming, too many plans will cram the mind, all shifting and inconclusive, as no steady power behind them will help carry them out.

According to Kozminsky (Moon):

Symbol: A child blowing a steel glove from a cube of stone.

Denotes one of simplicity of character, gifted with magnetic fire and knowledge of the power of invisible forces. Against him aggression will avail nothing, and the aggressor will find that he himself is conquered. It is a symbol of Seership.

According to Muir (Moon):

One who understands that self-mastery is the greatest force for betterment and who studies the wisdom of the ancients with this end in view.

According to Leinbach (Moon):

In contrast to the last degree this degree denotes love of nature. This native is more prone to stay on one piece of land and find his anchor in the changing seasons and find stability in the fact that you can count on Spring returning year after year in a predictable fashion. This degree also grants an interest in antiquity and digs deep for roots. There is much practical sense akin to the way nature works. There is a distrust of man made contrivances especially those which cut across natural laws. His spiritual nature is more instinctive than developed. He trusts the laws of God which he sees operating in nature but he does not feel the necessity to unearth the meaning of all mother nature’s secrets. He is satisfied to observe and see that they work. His mental ability is applied to observation rather than dissecting.

According to Weber (Moon):

Scorpio’s influence here is much like the 17th-18th degree of Gemini - manipulative, secretive, untrusting and often untrustworthy - possibly the result of feelings of inferiority or difficulties early in life. Many plans of power, and some directorial abilities, but often many variables, intrusions, side tracks and falling-outs.

According to Henson (Moon):

Astrology writers; very active, often carrying on while his companions are asleep; his many good ideas and makes a success of doing things in a different way; art ability, ingenuity, martial honor, preferment, and wealth; causes much sickness, trouble, loss of fortune, disgrace and great affliction, and may give legacies and inheritances attended by much evil; fourth rib.

According to Cochrane (Moon):

Strong will and determination. Loves children and nature. Self-conscious about his own beauty and appearance. Good artistic appreciation. (PIS-10-TAU, LEO-3-LIB)

Some of the interpretations were derived through extensive research, some through intuition, and some through a combination of research and astrological theory. 

The sources of the interpretations are as follows:
  •   The  Three  Hundred  Sixty  Degrees  of  the  Zodiac  by  Adriano  Carelli
  •   Degrees of the Zodiac Symbolized (and La Volasfera) by Charubel
  •   Astrology  for  the  21st  Century  by  David  Cochrane
  •   Degrees of the Zodiac by Donna Walter Henson
  •   Sabian  Symbols  in  Astrology  by  Marc  Edmund  Jones
  •   Zodiacal Symbology and Its Planetary Power by Isidore Kozminsky
  •   Degrees  of  the  Zodiac  by  Esther  Leinbach
  •   Fixed Stars and Degrees of the Zodiac Analyzed by E. C. Matthews
  •   The  Degrees  of  the  Zodiac  Analyzed  by  Ada  Muir
  •   Zodiac Degrees by Peter J. Weber
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