MERCURY 9 DEGREE IN ♈ ARIES Meaning in Birth Chart

  The theory that each degree of the zodiac like the  MERCURY 9 DEGREE IN ♈ ARIES has a different meaning has been existed for hundreds of years. Given below are the interpretations of each zodiac degree according to 11 different sources. You can compare the interpretations according to different authors, and decide for yourself which interpretations are the most accurate and useful. 


According to  Sabian Symbol (Mercury):

A Teacher Gives New Symbolic Forms To Traditional Images

According to  Charubel (Mercury):

Symbol: A large glass ball or globe. It is capable of receiving the images of the stars in space, as well as reflecting the panorama of the earth.

The person here denoted will possess a mind open to receive truth and will reflect the truth in his or her daily life. Such will be scrupulously just and honourable. He, or she, may prove to be a great seer, or naturalist. Should this person be of humble origin, he will rise far above his birth.

According to  La Volasfera (Mercury):

Symbol; A man on horseback standing alone in the middle of a battlefield, where around him lies the dead and dying.

It denotes a person who will occupy some singular position in life; one whose career will be remarkable, if not unique, and noted for Its daring and hazardous exploits. It gives success In undertakings and much prestige. It is a degree of VICTORY.

According to  Matthews (Mercury):

Symbol:  “TRIUMPH”

With Cancer, Capricorn it is said to rule policemen. Or if there are afflictions between Virgo and Pisces it may denote idiocy. Where this degree is prominent or well aspected it may mean that ambitions will be realized through help of friends.

Affliction: Intolerance, violence or destruction.

According to  Carelli (Mercury):

Symbol: Saint George slays the dragon.

Courage, nay daring; here too, as in the foregoing degree, the borders of recklessness are skirted.

Led by a successful ambition, barring signs to the contrary, the native is likely to beat his foes, to reach the highest standing, to attain peerless distinction. His career will be at any rate exceptional or uncommon.

The native will be blessed with an inborn righteousness as well, and with a mind open to truth. Should he be gifted for mental work, natural sciences would be his branch; should he be particularly sensitive to spiritual forces, he would have the gift of clairvoyance, perhaps of prophecy. Initiation is not excluded. The other aspects of the horoscope will show. A great fondness for hunting is to be expected.

According to  Kozminsky (Mercury):

Symbol: A ship illumined with the rosy rays of morning sailing towards the rising sun.

Denotes spiritual and material advancement. The native will in some way be a pioneer whose labors will be hailed and recognized. He will be favored by the people, and will easily attract influence. To obtain the best promises of this degree he may have to move about as indicated in his horoscope. It is a symbol of Influence.

According to  Muir (Mercury):

Can rise to great heights.  This degree has the power to attract friends through a winning, spiritual nature.

Leinbach (Mercury):

A strong desire to be first usually makes these people choose the wrong road in haste. However, there is a sufficiently keen insight that the mistake can be easily corrected sometimes even without much help from other influences in the chart. One of the factors here is activity is more important to the individual than the embarrassment of having made a mistake. He doesn’t take time make involved diagnosis. He moves in the direction shouts the loudest to him. But he remains ever sensitive to the next clue and remains constantly responsive and adaptable. His motto might be better to do the wrong thing than nothing at all, and thereby learns from experience as a result of his constant awareness. This nature keeps him from delving too deeply into anything because is constantly open to change, always ready and willing make a fresh start. Eventually his broad experience will, if properly studied and used, put him in a position to advise lead others but this must be left to the rest of the chart and his ability to learn from experience.

According to  Weber (Mercury):

Influenced by quick, dexterous Gemini and responsible Capricorn - ambitious, courageous, persevering, strategic. Unusual career; honors and distinction. Righteous and truthful - has no reason to lie - attracted to science, transportation, and trade involving metals and had-skills-disciplined, inquisitive. Politics and police work. Independence may make marriage difficult or superficial; male children likely.

According to Henson (Mercury):

Policemen; great generals; courage; triumph and immortality; eye balls.

Cochrane (Mercury):

Reflective; perceives things objectively. Works well with the public and with groups. Interested in symbolism, meditation, and the inner needs of others. (CAN-4-CAN, CAP-10-CAP)

Some of the interpretations were derived through extensive research, some through intuition, and some through a combination of research and astrological theory. 

The sources of the interpretations are as follows:
  •   The  Three  Hundred  Sixty  Degrees  of  the  Zodiac  by  Adriano  Carelli
  •   Degrees of the Zodiac Symbolized (and La Volasfera) by Charubel
  •   Astrology  for  the  21st  Century  by  David  Cochrane
  •   Degrees of the Zodiac by Donna Walter Henson
  •   Sabian  Symbols  in  Astrology  by  Marc  Edmund  Jones
  •   Zodiacal Symbology and Its Planetary Power by Isidore Kozminsky
  •   Degrees  of  the  Zodiac  by  Esther  Leinbach
  •   Fixed Stars and Degrees of the Zodiac Analyzed by E. C. Matthews
  •   The  Degrees  of  the  Zodiac  Analyzed  by  Ada  Muir
  •   Zodiac Degrees by Peter J. Weber
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